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I’m gonna show you guys everything that I got and where I got it and how to make these cute little boxes for your bridesmaids.
I've thought about doing this for so long and I'm really excited. So I'm going gonna take you guys on a fun little adventure of making my bridesmaid boxes. I'm excited because I'm actually doing it a little different than people do. I'm making a little picnic and also the little boxes that say like will you be my bridesmaid. I thought it'd be cool to show you guys like all the little parts that are in the boxes because it's super cute and I'm so excited. I'm gonna show you guys everything that I got and where I got it and how to make these cute little boxes for your bridesmaid.

This is our current situation. It's all in different piles so that it's really easy to box it up and put it all together. This is what it's going to look like at the end. Once they open the box it's gonna have a little note that says will you be my bridesmaid? It'll really be my maid of honor and then it's gonna have all the components just like this.

So the first thing I found was these super cute aprons. And it is pinned together so you can't even see how long it is. But once it unpins, you just tie it around your waist and they're super cute. They would just wear it like this, obviously double the length. The thing is you can't even tell they're aprons because how I did it was. I rolled them up really cute. And then what I'm gonna be doing is putting like little bunnies tails in it in the box. So it's gonna look really cute.

The next thing I found is these scrunchies. They're just super cute.
Also I got these little glass jars. And I just had some tea around, so I filled them up. It has a little cork that you just close it up. Obviously I think everything is super cute, so I'm just gonna be saying that it's all cute. But this mug is my favorite thing. I was kind of thinking like to get something with their initial on it but I figured this is something that you can use all the time. I know I have those like initial cups that have like a v on them and I love it but it's not exactly my favorite thing.

Since they're gonna be making tea, they need to make it with something. So these little handy-dandy little tapers. It's just one time used you just put the tea in here, close it up, put in some hot water and it's perfect.

Next thing we've got is these candles that I found. I just thought they were super cute and they're a good size and smell amazing. And then here's the little bunny's tails I'm gonna be putting into the aprons just to add a little glam.

The last thing that I found was these produce bags. So what you do is you once you get back from the grocery store you clean them and you put them in here and it keeps them fresh.

I think the next thing I just need to do is get some ribbon and make little name tags to be on the top of the boxes. And then I'm gonna have my cute little picnic for the girls. They're each gonna get their boxes and I'm gonna ask them will you be my bridesmaid.