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I wanted to share with you what gifts I got my bridesmaids, our groomsmen and what gifts I got my parents as well for the day of the wedding. I thought this would be good to do just because I know when I was searching for ideas, I didn't really know where to start or what I wanted to do. So I decided to do for my bridesmaids what we did for the groomsmen and also what I got my parents. So if you're interested in seeing what I got then just keep reading.
I have four bridesmaids and one personal attendant. I got them all the same thing even my personal attendant, because her dress is kind of in the same color scheme as my bridesmaids. So the jewelry and everything I thought would match her dress as well. I found these cute little bags at HomeGoods.

They feel really cool. They're like really soft. They have little litter inside the flowers and I just thought they were really cute. They got a little ribbon handle.

So the first thing I got them were these hangers. I wanted all of their dresses to be hung up and I thought it would look nice if they had all the same hangers. What I did instead of buying them off Etsy or somewhere online where they're kind of expensive because they do add up. I went to Target and found these cool wooden ones with the black metal hook. And then I threw out their name in a little calligraphy font just with like my normal calligraphy pens that I use. I believe these came in like a pack of four or five. I thought they turned out really cute and be something that they can still use. I didn't want to do anything with like the word bridesmaid on it or anything because then they wouldn't really be able to use it again. I just wanted everything to be more like personalized with their name instead of like the word bridesmaid. So that was the first thing that I did.

And I did know that I wanted to get them all jewelry as they're like main gift. Though I found these which I think are so pretty. They're just rose gold drop earrings. They have silver sparkles in the middle and then the outside is rose gold with diamonds. And I thought what the girls hair up it would be really pretty. The dresses are taupe so I kind of wanted to do more like a rose gold thing than just like the traditional like silver. So I thought these are really pretty and I found these at Claire's. I love these I can't wait to see them on the girls with their dresses. And then I also did get them a bracelet. It's just like a twisted diamond bracelet also stretchy which I just thought was kind of cool. This one is all silver but I thought just kind of away from the earrings that wouldn't be that much of a big deal since these are rose gold, but they have the silver in the center. So I think they still went together nicely. That is the jewelry that I decided to get them. Because I knew I wanted to get them a little bit of bling but nothing like too gaudy.

And then I just went to Dollar Tree and I had a pack of four jewelry boxes for a dollar obviously which I thought was really nice. That was also like a cheap kind of option to pack that in.

And since we're all getting read together too. I've always thought it was so cute when the brides and everybody had robes that all matched. So I did go and get them robes. I got them all in the color mob which it's a little darker than I thought it was going to be, but I think they're really pretty. They have this crocheted lace detailing on the sleeve that I think is really pretty. And then they also have it on at the bottom. So they're really lightweight. I think if you got a lighter color it might be a little bit see-through. But I did test it and try one on and you couldn't see anything. So I think the mob is going to be fine for them and I thought it was just like a cute little gift that they can again reuse it doesn't say anything on it. And it's just something they can kind of use after the wedding.

Then lastly I ended up getting in them these slipper socks. I wasn't planning on getting these for them. I just was walking in Ross one day and I went shopping and got these. These are what I was so excited about because I got these for like 99 cents apiece. And they're so soft and cozy. I figured they can wear these in the morning or they can use these for the dance. I did buy myself a pair too because they're so nice. They do have little groupies on the bottom. But they're the cuddle dead brand, so they're really nice I love them I couldn't believe that I found them for 99 cents. And I thought that was all like a really nice gift for the girls.

Moving on to what I got my parents. I did get my mom a handkerchief off of Etsy. It's so beautifully packaged in this like engraved envelope. It's so pretty and it has a gold glittery heart on the front that velcro's. So I really didn't have to even get packaging or a bag for this because it just opens up. I just thought this was a really cute idea. Me and my mom are super close, so I know she's going to be balling on my wedding day. 

It has like a floral design on top and it just says: “mama to dry your happy tears on my wedding day as you have always dried mine. You are my rock, my heart, and my very best friend. I would not be the woman I am today without you. Your love and support means more to me than you will ever know. I'm so proud to call you my mom. Thank you for everything. Love Taylor” I absolutely love this. I think it's so cute and I cannot wait to gift it to my mom on my wedding day.

Thanks for my dad, I had a hard time figuring out what to do because in general I feel like it's really hard to get my dad a gift. But I did see this idea on Pinterest and I loved it. So I just went and bought a pair of socks from Express and then I made this little thing that goes around it, and then I just again wrote in my little calligraphy: “dad, of all our walks together this will be my favorite”. So I'm gonna give these to him probably the night before the wedding so that he has them obviously when he gets dressed. They're just black with white polka dots on them. And I think it turned out really cute. I love it so much. I thought would be nice to have.

Then for the groomsmen. We did end up doing these mugs which you can find these all over Etsy. I think they run about like eight or nine dollars a piece. What we did was, we went to the Dollar Tree and picked up some of these just glass mugs. And one of my friends has a Cricut and does the glass etching with it. We just had it engraved with a little tuxedo and their name on it. But again we didn't want to put like our wedding date on here or anything like groomsmen. We wanted it so that they could use it again after the wedding. This will also be their glass for the night.

Then the last gift I got was for my flower girl. Obviously my niece Nora is my flower girl. She had to get the biggest present of them all because I loved her so much. But when I was thinking of what to get my flower girl, I wanted it more so geared towards keeping her occupied the morning of the wedding. I wanted her to have things to do, things to play with. So this is what I came up with.

 The first thing is actually the same hanger that I did for my bridesmaids because she has a little flower girl dress. That will be hanging up next to the other girls, so I wanted to go ahead and make her a little hanger as well. And then also like the bridesmaids, I wanted her to match everybody and feel like a big girl the morning of the wedding. So I went ahead and got her a matching little robe and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen in my entire life. It's just a little tyke and it looks so cute. I can't wait to see her in it. I ordered this the same shop as I got the bridesmaids one and it's same material everything. It's just so stinking cute.

Then I went to Target and went to the toy aisle and she's really into Minnie Mouse right now. So originally I was going to get her these little guys is that our Roadster Racer Minnie and Daisy cuz she does watch Mickey in the Roadster racers.
We also should get her this which is a remote-control car of Minnie as a roadster. So she's gonna have so much fun with this. They also did make sure to put the batteries that it requires in the bag so that she can like open it and play with it. I think this is like the coolest thing. She's never had a remote-control car before so I think she's gonna be pretty excited about.
And then the last thing we got her was from Dollar Tree. And this wasn't planned but I was walking through and saw it. I thought it would be a nice little thing for her to have. It is just a little water bottle which has Minnie and Daisy on it. And the bottom has a little snack compartment which I thought was kind of nice to keep her hydrated and snacks are always a good idea for a two-year-old. So we got her that as well.

So that's everything for all of the gifts that we got our family and wedding party. I really hope this maybe gave you guys some ideas of what to do if you are a future bride and you are looking for gift ideas. Hopefully this helped you a little bit.