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I am a Bridesmaid at my friend's wedding

Hi, this is Hannah Paine. I am in Seattle for my friend's wedding. I'm actually the bridesmaid. She was my freshman year roommate. I don’t know how to go but just start.

I met my friend Courtney in the light rail. We're headed to West Lake and our friend Ali, the bride, will pick us up. I am so happy to meet my roommate. It's really crazy because we were roommates freshman year and we're roommates still but Ali is getting married So that's why we here. Actually it is both our first time to be a bridesmaid so we are super excited.

This is our Airbnb. We are here preparing. We're getting ready to go to get our nails done. And then we will go to the wedding venue.

We’re at Ali’s beach cabin, it is so nice and relaxing. Just laying in the sun, it is the prefect temperature. We got cherries for days. Cherry is one of my favorite foods and so are crabs. And we are gonna go try to catch some crabs later so I am so excited.

We did the bride's make-up and made the final preparations for the wedding. The Master of Ceremonies leads us in a rehearsal of the wedding proceedings.

When Ali finally saw the decor of the wedding venue, she said that she love it so much. “I think it’s better than anything I have ever imagined!”

We’re gonna do the full processional first and last minute of the ceremony walk back out to be done. It would be go nice in about one hour later.

Ali put on her wedding dress. Oh my god, that is so so beautiful. We prayed for her together and the wedding ceremony began.

There was the question to ask the secret to a long happy marriage.

You guess what they answered?

And the answer is, Make a decision and keep it. Yes, I think that is true that you need to keep the decision and then you will have the long happy marriage.

After the ceremony there was a ball led by the bride and groom where we danced the night away. It was such an exciting day and you could feel the joy of their new marriage. I wish the couple all the happiness and joy in the world.