Cold Shoulder

Step 1: Take first streamer -- right or left, to your preference -- and pull it straight up through the loop located inside the top of the sweetheart neckline

Step 2: Drape over the shoulder

Step 3: Lay the second streamer over the top of the first and bring it underneath, to create a right angle at the bodice loop

Step 4: Bring streamers tightly around the shoulder to the back

Step 5: Pull both streamers through one of the loops located inside the dress by the zipper

Step 6: Once secure, tuck streamers into the dress



*Please note: If your gown is a previous version of the current dress and does not have loops inside the dress (at the top of the sweetheart and next to the zipper), please follow these instructions instead.

Step 1: Pull your streamers one through the other, and bring the knot to one side of the sweetheart neckline-- right or left, to your preference

Step 2: Separate the streamers to to create a right angle at the top of the bodice, and tightly bring each streamer around to the back-- one over your shoulder, the other around your upper arm. 

Step 3: For the back of the dress, bring the two streamers together and pull one through the other. The knot should fall just below the shoulder, at the top of the bodice. 

Step 4: Separate the streamers and pull each through one of the belt loops, tightly.

Step 5: Tie in a bow or knot to secure.