Please confirm your size refer to our measuring pictures and measurement chart. If the measuring pictures can’t help you, you can go to the local tailor and measure your size. We have to tell you that the sizes of prom dresses are different from the clothes you usually wear, you may usually wear loose clothes, but you must make accurate and close-fitting measurements to make sure your dress fits.

All of our dresses carry approximately the same measurements (except for length, of course) in our standard sizes, and they all run true to bridal sizes.

The best way to figure out which size will fit you best is to match your measurements to our size chart, which is also included on every dress's order page. 

Some tips:

  • Not every style fits the same. Strapless styles tend to fit snug because you want to make sure everything stays up! Styles with straps can run a bit bigger in the bust, but that's definitely an easy fix for a tailor.
  • If you're going to wear a bra, take the padding out. Our dresses are made to be worn without a bra, so if you wear one it can definitely make the bust area look a little off!
  • Make sure you take your measurements with whatever undergarments you plan on wearing with your dress on. If you don't plan on wearing a bra, take your measurements with a very thinly padded (or unpadded) bra or bralette.

How to find your fit in strapless styles:

  1. You need to fill in the cup in order to hold the gown up.
  2. Base your sizing off of the waist measurement. There's not a lot of wiggle room in strapless styles, they're made to be snug!
  3. If you go a size down, and your waist is a bit bigger than the listed measurement, there is the possibility you'll have some issues zipping the dress up.
  4. It is always better to go larger and have it taken in then hope to have enough fabric to let it out!

How to find your fit in styles with straps and sleeves:

  1. The bust tends to run a bit bigger, so make sure you can fill this area in for a nice look.
  2. If you're a little larger in the bust (about an inch bigger), the dress should still look fine, but it may be a little snug.
  3. There's not a lot of extra room in the waist, so if you're a little larger than the measurement listed on the size chart, you may have some issues zipping up!
  4. It is always better to go larger and have it taken in then hope to have enough fabric to let it out!

If your measurements don't quite add up, you may need to go up a size or more to get to the closest match, and then have it altered to fit by your local tailor. For example, if you are an US12 in the waist but your other measurements match up with a size US8, you're still going to want to go with a size US10 or US12 to fit your waist, and then have the dress tailored down.

And of course, there's always our custom sizing option!