Backyard wedding at Indy Hostel | Alexa & Sam

Backyard wedding at Indy Hostel | Alexa & Sam

We are here today to celebrate the marriage of these two amazing people Alexa and Sam. First let's just pause to take this moment in and how special it is that we're all here together. It kind of seems amazing that Sam and Alexa met so serendipitously. It was about 65 miles into the Appalachian Trail at a shelter in Georgia. It was March. It was cold. They both been hiking all day. Alexa notes to me that she had hiked farther. And they made small talk by the fire as they ate their dinners. And when they met on the trail they probably felt that same calmness that warmth and being together that we all feel when we are near them. So the next day they each kept hiking but this time they were hiking together. And on the trail you would measure days by miles, so it's maybe 15 miles one day, maybe 18 miles the next until after about 300 miles together and a bottle of wine with friends at a teepee their friendship became a romance. And after 1900 miles together caught on top of a mountain in Maine and a brutal storm but feeling completely safe with each other. Alexa knew that Sam was the one.

It didn't surprise us that she found love on the trail. As a young child, if we couldn't locate Alexa, we knew to search the outdoors. The woods, the small stream nearer home. She was a child of nature and she will always remain so. So they chose to hold a backyard wedding.

From the bride to the groom: 

Sam. I have always had an innate inability to really make any decisions. And I don't think it's rooted in any lack of caring or but rather in a deep-seated just constant worry that I'm gonna make the wrong choice and will inevitably meet some horrible fate for you know choosing the wrong pair of Walmart sneakers. But there's not been one second not even just one fleeting moment of worry or doubt and marrying you. And it's always been you. On top of Saddleback and me hailing and lightning striking a nice stretch of very exposed to Ridgeline, just waiting for me. The huddled over in a small grove of pint-sized trees just utterly soaked just waiting there for me. And I promise to continue to seek out adventures with you both big and small. And I can't promise to actually understand the things that you're passionate about, but I do promise to always support you and share your joy and excitement in them. And I will always strive to match your kindness and compassion and to recognize acknowledge and appreciate all that you do. But mostly I promise to always be waiting for you, so stand on top of a mountain to bring you comfort safety and support. And to keep on trekking or to just block down in the middle of the trail and the rain pouring rain together just for as long as we need. So being your partner is the greatest honor and I love you forever and I know that in this life and whatever the next one might bring I'm yours.

From the groom to the bride:

Alexa you've been a lot of important things to me. I can partner, co-conspirator, pet parent, practice session cheerleader, movie buddy and grocery store dancer. Among other things, most importantly your ear my rock through uncertain times, my best friend of the world. You're so incredibly giving and strong and so funny and I never want to go another day in my life without seeing you smile. Well excellently manly I know with my whole heart that you are the love of my life. And today I promised myself to you as your husband. For each and every winding trail that our life leads us down, I vow to be there by your side and to let you mean on meals and support. I promise to make you laugh when I can, be honest with you always and to be the best man for you than I could be. I promise to be joyful with you, mourn with you, grow with you and to spend the rest of our days together. Wherever this crazy life leads us, I love you so much and I will be a true and loyal friend, confidant and person leads to you building steel.