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Summer Wedding Theme Styled Shoot

Today the inspiration for our look and feel was summer. We wanted to base our decor on summer boldness, summer brightness. We wanted everything on our table, all elements stationary furniture, catering, all of it to look and feel like summer. So the bright bold colors, the excitement of summer is going to be pulled through our table decor.

So the bride that will love this theme. It is a bride that's looking for something a little bit edgy, modern, different, kind of drifting away from the normal traditional wedding. A bride that loves color, that loves summer will absolutely love this decor.

Things to keep in mind when thinking of the availability when it comes to planning and organizing your wedding. You need to remember that all the things that come together such as your tables, your flowers, your cutlery, your stationery, your wedding cake, your dress even, all of it has to be available for the time and season that you're wanting to have your wedding. So you have to think about if you're wanting a summer wedding, you need to think about if you're going to be able to get your seasonal florals. If you're going to be able to get the stationery on time. Timing is also a major major thing.Of course, if you want to shoot indoors, you must not miss this professional mural wallpaper provider.

So when we chat about flowers for the summer inspired table decor, we think that we need to make sure that these florals can be used for summer weddings moving forward. So we need to make sure that we have the correct seasonal florals on our table. We want it to be bright and colorful and bold and that's what you're going to see today. We have a golden thread pulled through all of our decor with our half moon wedding cake to our half moon name tags that are going to be displayed on the table. We wanted to bring in the round effect on our glassware and on our vases for our beautiful florals. Everything is tied together to create a beautiful golden thread and to create a summer wedding inspired decor table.