Today we are going to talk about the top five ways to be the best maid of honor.

Tip number one. Plant her preferences.
She may have a particular style or taste or there are certain dietary restrictions that may be the bride follows or the entire side of a family. Also be aware of any religious guidelines. You never know who you might offend so just be safe. And lastly be aware of also the accessibility of any of the locations you're considering for the get-togethers you're planning.

Tip two. Be the buffer and the soundboard.
Just try to keep the bride stress-free because trust me when you're surrounded by girls all the time things can easily get emotional and hormonal. So just try to help the bride get through those very emotional situations or just help her avoid them all together.

Tip three. Be the backup.
Because sometimes the groom might forget or will not be able to attend a meeting a call or an appointment. So in a case of emergencies, you're Plan B. And also when you're planning bridal showers and bachelorette parties, remember not all bridesmaids can commit to a certain financial level. So if you think numbers don't add up, you might have to pay up front. If that's the case, then just ask the bridesmaid to pay you back later to avoid any awkward situations. But my personal advice is to save up and be prepared.

Tip number four. Have a “Mom” mentality.
There's gonna be so many things happening throughout the day and your bride's gonna be talking to so many people. The last thing she's gonna think about is if she's hungry or thirsty. So even if she doesn't say anything, feel free to offer her a drink or a bite to eat throughout the entire day, because trust me she will love you for it. Also your bride is going to be running around and really stylish but very painful heels. So if there's any downtime during the day, try to find a place for her to sit and rest. Lastly make sure your bride looks picture-perfect so you always check if the veil and her dress look On Point at all times.

Tip Five Beat the bustle.
I consider this step very important. If you don't know what bustling is, let me tell you bustling is the particular way. The back of the dress is gathered up so that your bride doesn't trip in between her ceremony and her reception. And sometimes bustles have to deal with ribbons or buttons or wear contraptions that get really complicated and fast. So that's why it's really important for the bridesmaids, or the maid of honor especially, to attend the dress fittings. So that she understands how to actually bustle her particular dress. If she's alone, you're there to help her with the bustle because trust me it’s impossible to do it herself. So in that way she makes it in time for a grand entrance at her reception.