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Wedding Responsibilities: Maid of Honor

As a wedding coordinator, we are the bride's best friend, we are there from the beginning to the end. But it is a massive honour to be asked to be the maid of honour at your friend's wedding. It's because they love you, it's because they trust you and they want you to be a part of every day. There are a few things that are hugely important as roles and responsibilities as a maid of honour.

Obviously, keeping the bride calm, managing her time, going to dress fittings and being the person that she can always lean on when she needs advice or information. And obviously when the stress gets involved. Another big part which is always the fun part is planning the bachelorette and kitchen tea. These days you do both. So it's kitchen tea with grannies and moms and in the bachelorette big party with all the girls which is always fun.

On the day you are there to make sure that everything happens according to plan. So that the bride does not have to worry. You are then in the ceremony you hold the bride's bouquet. You also straighten her veil. And sometimes on many occasions these days you are asked to make a maid of honour speech. This is there for you to honour your friend, give some funky stories about her and also just be there on the day to support her. So as a maid of honour what i can suggest is just to be honored that you've been asked. It is a very important job and one that you should treasure for the rest of your life.