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Something You Should Know About Bouquets

When the wedding march sounded, the bouquet held by the beautiful bride slowly walked towards the groom. This moment was quite moving. A perfect wedding can be said to be a costly effort for the couple. Among them, wedding dress, styling, and makeup are the most important aspects of the bride, and the bouquet with the finishing touch is indispensable. If you also want to have a beautiful bridal bouquet at your wedding, today we will show you how to choose a bouquet!

The origin and origin of bouquets.

In fact, there are different opinions on the origin of bouquets, but according to the foreign website "Modern Wedding", bridal bouquets originated in ancient Rome. At that time, people believed that flowers symbolized a new beginning and the hope of fertility. In the Middle Ages, strong-smelling flowers and plants, Spices are believed to drive away bad luck and at the same time conceal body odors. In the Victorian era in England, different flowers began to have their own meanings. Couples often sent flowers to each other to express love. Flowers and romance, love, and other emotions have meaning. The above link, the flower bouquet officially became a part of the wedding, and it has continued to the present.

What is the meaning and significance of bouquets?

The bouquet has evolved from driving away evil spirits and protecting new people. It has become a representative of happiness, promises and vows. It is one of the indispensable elements of marriage. The various flowers used to make bouquets also have its representative significance. , The following editors sorted out the common ones:

  1. Rose: Since ancient times, it has been a symbol of love. The colors of roses most commonly used in bridal bouquets are red, white, and pink.
  2. Eustoma: Flower language is unchanging love, and because of its longer flowering period, it can be supplied all year round.
  3. Hydrangea: It has the meaning of loyalty and eternity in love, and also has the meaning of reunion, which is very suitable for weddings.
  4. Dali flower: The flower is very large and looks very imposing, so it also derives the meaning of gorgeous and elegant.
  5. Alocasia: The flower language means pure love and happiness, and the pure white tones are easy to match with the bridal dress.

How to choose a bridal bouquet?

After you have a basic understanding of bouquets, the most important link is of course to choose a bouquet that suits you! The following editor lists two ways to choose bridal bouquets, according to the style and your price budget, and hope to help you choose the one that suits you best.

Choose according to 4 bouquet styles

American bouquets: natural flow lines with distinct layers

American bouquets are usually richer in layers, and a variety of leaf materials are used to set off the main flower to emphasize the sense of lines. The visual effect is closer to nature, creating a free and unrestrained style, and American bouquets are most popular among Taiwanese The favorite outline styles are hand-tie type, waterfall type and water drop type. The common point is that they will have a larger sense of weight.

  • Appropriate bride's body shape: taller or plump body
  • Suitable occasions: outdoor weddings, American weddings

Korean bouquet: small and exquisite, with fairy spirit


The style of Korean-style brides has been very popular in Taiwan in recent years. Many people yearn for the fresh and simple style of Korean-style bridal makeup, wedding dresses and bouquets. Korean bouquets are generally small and exquisite, but in terms of floral materials The choice is not sloppy. The main flowers, side flowers, lining flowers and leaf materials are all used, and some more streamlined plants are often used to present a romantic atmosphere.

  • Suitable bride body shape: people who are relatively petite
  • Suitable occasions: Korean wedding, outdoor wedding

European-style bouquet: the round curve is classic and generous


The European-style bouquet is the closest to the traditional western-style bouquet. It usually presents a spherical bouquet design. It is not only classic and elegant, but also suitable for various dresses or styles. At the same time, because of its round appearance, there is a kind of reunion. , The symbolic meaning of consummation, so it is also very popular in Asia.

No matter what style of bouquet you choose, remember that happiness comes first. We hope you have an unforgettable wedding and a happy life. :)