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The Ultimate Guide to Plan a Romantic Library Wedding On a Budget

The Ultimate Guide to Plan a Romantic Library Wedding On a Budget

The library wedding has been a staple for romantic literary lovers for decades. There's something so beautiful about a shared love of books, reading, and words that makes it the perfect setting for two people to say 'I do'. It doesn't get more intimate than sitting on the floor surrounded by your favorite books with the person you'll share your life with.

No matter what kind of library-themed wedding you have in mind, you're sure to find something here that will inspire your special day.

The advantages of a library wedding:

1. Availability of air conditioning for hot summer weddings:

Most Libraries have AC to help control the temperature when it gets hot and muggy in the summer. This makes it the perfect event space to have your wedding without worrying about the scorching sun characteristic of summer.

If you're interested in having your library wedding in the summer, the best thing to do is to check with them first. They will let you know if they have air conditioning, and if so, you'll be set.

2. You are guaranteed absolutely stunning photos:

If you're getting married at a library, you'll have access to great photo ops  all year round. The best part about a library wedding is that it's not rare for people to have a wedding in the winter and summer!

This means that even if you have a fall wedding, it will still make for an easy photo shoot. If you want to get some amazing fall wedding photos, consider having your wedding during the fall foliage season.

You are guaranteed absolutely stunning photos of your library wedding

3. It's perfect for book lovers:

A library wedding is perfect for the bibliophile who loves reading as much as they love sharing their life with a special someone. In a library wedding, you can have your favorite books and reading materials scattered around the ceremony and reception space.

If you love books, then a library wedding will be the perfect setting for your big day.

4. Borrowed books as wedding favors:

A perfect and unique favor idea that your guests will love and appreciate. Couples are given a library card as part of their wedding gift. And have their names written into the book by the author! Also, this is a very beautiful idea for guest book.

The guide plan for your Romantic Library wedding:

There are many things to consider when planning your library wedding, since libraries as a venue is a little difficult to plan for.

This guide is guaranteed to help you plan the best library wedding ever. You'll be able to plan for the perfect venue and make sure that you are prepared for what lies ahead.

1. Choosing the perfect venue:

Depending on where you live, there are many great places to consider when it comes to a library wedding. If you want a quiet and beautiful location, then one these libraries will definitely be your best choice.

Boston Public Library

The Library at 190 South LaSalle:

Located in the Loop, this venue is great for those who want to get married in an historic building with plenty of unique architecture.

This beautiful venue is an art deco Midtown-based library known for it's unique architecture. The building has a lot of impressive architectural features, such as the beautiful molding on floors and walls. It has an old-style feel to it, fitting for a wedding with old romantic vibes.

If you want a romantic reception that picturesque and quiet, then this venue is the perfect place for you to have your library wedding.

Check more information here.

Boston Public Library:

This building is located on Huntington Ave. and is a great venue for your library wedding. Its architecture is elegant and beautiful with plenty of windows and ornate wood details in the old building.

Depending on what day you choose to have your library wedding, there are a few different options for where to hold it. This can make planning challenging, since it can be difficult to plan for your reception during different days of the week. If you want to set aside a special day to have your library wedding, then this venue is the perfect option for you.

Check more information here.

Indianapolis Central Library In Indianapolis:

The Indianapolis Central Library has a beautiful venue for weddings that fits in a lot of different types of weddings. Their huge ballroom can fit up to 350 people, and their courtyard and upper level are perfect for ceremonies and receptions.

Check more information here.

Houston Public Library's Julia Ideson Building In Houston:

This library is located in an old brownstone building that is absolutely gorgeous. The brownstone itself is a very unique, old-looking building and you'll get a lot of inspiration for your library wedding here. The building itself is a beautiful choice for those getting married in Houston.

Check more information here.

2. Choosing the wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses:

Choosing the wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses of your library wedding

Depending on the look of your library wedding, choosing the right bridal dress for you as well as the bridesmaid dresses can be difficult because there are so many beautiful choices to make. You need to choose budget friendly options that will work with the style of your library wedding.

There are so many beautiful bridal dresses and bridesmaid dress options to choose from. For example if you want a vintage wedding theme, you can have your bridesmaids wear long, dark pastel dresses.

If you want a more elegant and classy look to your library wedding, then having lace bridesmaid dresses might be better for you.

Hazel V-Neck Short Sleeves Chiffon Long Bridesmaid Dresses

Hazel V-Neck Short Sleeves Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses

$99.00 USD

Marjorie Off The Shoulder Open Back Chiffon Long Bridesmaid Dresses

Marjorie Off The Shoulder Chiffon Long Bridesmaid Dresses

$125.00 USD


3. Deciding on the reception:

A lot of brides are such a fan of the library theme that they plan to have their wedding reception in a library-themed location. This makes the library wedding theme very popular and perfect for many couples.

The reception can be simple and small, or it can be huge with a hundred guests. Often, couples choose to have their reception in one of the meeting rooms within the library.

deciding on the reception of your library wedding
deciding on the reception of he library wedding

4. Plan for a photographer to capture that magical moment:

A library wedding can be so much fun and you'll have to capture the moments that you want to capture. Having a professional photographer will help capture pictures that will last a lifetime. You can also add a videographer to make sure that everyone gets a glimpse of the amazing day in your library wedding.

plan for a photographer to capture that magical moment

5. Plan for guest gift ideas:

These can include giving them their favorite books or anything literary related. This is a very unique idea.

Also, you can have a few gift bags for your guests. This will make them feel appreciated for coming to your special day.

6. Musical choice for your library wedding:

A library wedding that has an intimate setting are perfect for piano music for your wedding ceremony and a DJ for the reception. This will really set the mood and make this library wedding one of a kind.

Some couples choose to hire a band or DJ to play at their library wedding, while others decide that music is not necessary.

7. Decor:

You should decide what you want to have as decorations for your library wedding. Do you want a traditional library theme, or do you want something different?

There are many different types of different themes and decorations, but the most common ones include the Victorian style that is famous among libraries and bookstores.


Library weddings are becoming popular, since couples want to be unique. They want their wedding to stand out and make a statement of who they are as a couple. The library can be the perfect place for your wedding if you love books and reading.

A library theme wedding is definitely a fun idea, when done correctly you can have no regrets.