Undoubtedly it is important that the bridesmaid dresses are in the same color when you are in a bridesmaid group, so the bridesmaid dresses cannot have color difference. But dresses in different orders may have a slight difference due to the dosage of dye, so you have to make sure that all the bridesmaid dresses are in the same order. So, all the bridesmaid dresses need to be bought within 24 hours, if you have to add several dresses after 24 hours, you need to tell us the order number of all your bridesmaid dresses, we will arrange your order as soon as possible in the same production batch. In addition, different monitors will display different colors.

Even the same bridesmaid dress may look different in two monitors, this is normal. We promise that the color of the dresses will be the same as the color swatches. And the dresses in the same production batch will also have no difference.