14 Aesthetic Creative and Unique Wedding Photos Ideas that Will Take You Royalty

14 Aesthetic Creative and Unique Wedding Photos Ideas that Will Take You Royalty

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Once your big day is over, wedding photographs are the most beautiful thing that has the reminiscence of all your wedding fun. Indeed wedding photographs will take you down memory lane, which you'll cherish lifelong. Thus, you must bet on creative wedding photography as it will make you feel lively whenever you open the wedding album. So, let's peek at some fantastic wedding photo ideas!

1.A crazy pose for stranger things fan couple

You can't miss this pose if you are a couple who is a die-hard fan of the very famous horror drama series “Stranger Things”. Don't forget to make the guitarist pose in the frame for a more quirky look. This photo will surely be one of the unusual wedding photos that will put a smile on your face.

2.The romantic temple kiss pose

This photo pose is a must for giving a blessed feeling to the couple. Posing with the moving metro in the background can add a unique yet creative look to the photo. You will surely cherish your love by looking back at this photo.

3.A hilarious pose for pet lovers couple

Let your hooman pose best for your wedding photos. This awkwardly hilarious wedding photo pose will be a sweet memory of the cutest bridesmaid tribe. All you need to do is to pose in a much unusual yet crazy way with your lovely doggo squad.

4.It's time to flaunt your wedding ring

Your wedding album will be incomplete without this much-needed wedding photo. However, you can turn this photo unique by posing more happily. The bridegroom just needs to pose in front of the camera by flaunting their wedding rings in a lively manner.

5.Pose for a colorful vibe

This creative wedding photography idea is a must for adding a colorful vibe to your wedding album. The colorful smoky hues will give an aesthetic look to the photo. However, don't forget to make your bridesmaid pose along with you.

6.Picture perfect with bridesmaid

It's well said, “ a happy bridesmaids troop make happy brides,” and you can't miss posing with them. You can make it amongst the unique wedding photos by giving it a crazy touch. You just need to make your bridesmaid sneak at your makeup session, and there you go!

7.An amusing pose with your boy's squad

How can someone miss posing cheerfully with the groom's squad? And this wedding photo pose will make you laugh whenever you see it. There's only a need to make boys hug the groom and roll over each other in a lively way.

8.Let your chic wedding dress talk

If you are a stylish couple with a unique dressing sense, this photo idea can be your perfect choice. This pose will give the bride a chance to boost the beauty of her long veil and the short chic dress. So, put your clothes on, walk hand in hand, and you are up for a classy wedding photo pose.

9.A dreamy wedding photo

Gear up to give a retro yet boho chic wedding photo idea. The golden hues of the sunlight will make it amongst the unique wedding photos in your album. The romantic lift by the groom will surely be the best part of this photo.

10.A contemporary yet cheerful pose

This creative pose can be a perfect match to depict the jolly mood of the power couples. In addition, the white photo background will add a minimalistic touch to the photo. If you want a different background style, having a professional custom mural wallpaper can bring you unparalleled imagination

Tip: It would be best to crack a joke to make the couple laugh more naturally

11.That awww.. moment pose for couples

Let people gossip by posing with a romantic kiss. This photo will surely be on your album's list of unusual wedding photos. Then, add some cool guests with the aww gesture to give a unique touch to the photo.

12.Gear up for the cutest photo pose

It is well said that a hooman is a perfect companion in every situation. So, can one miss posing with this cutest creature? Make the dog wear a cute flower bow and let the power couple do a passionate kiss to make this photo the best.

13.The vintage LOVE pose

A vintage photo is a must in your wedding album, and so is this fantastic photo pose. Make a LOVE with your hand and let people amuse with such unique wedding photos.

14.Rain and romance; are the best combo

Get ready for a dreamy photo shoot with this romantic pose. Let the couple romance under the blissful rain shower that will surely end up being the best photo in the album.


If you are a couple who wants to have the most unique yet creative wedding photos in your album, then you should indeed move ahead with the above ideas. We are sure you will end up having a creative wedding photography session.